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Nancy Follini

Nancy started in the fisheries in 1980 with her partner, Joe. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs preparing her for the skills and responsibilities needed to run a business. In 1982 Briarpatch Enterprises was formed. Nancy is responsible for the spirit and energy of Briarpatch through all the ups and downs a business goes through over the course of more than three decades. 


Joe Gilbert

Joe, along with Nancy, officially started in the fisheries in 1980, although he has been involved in fishing all his life. By 1982 Joe learned to be a lobsterman, trawlerman and shellfisher. The formation of Briarpatch in 1982 focused Joe on shellfishing. He is responsible for the innovation and growth Briarpatch has enjoyed. In 2003 Joe took that same creative energy and expanded into the off shore scallop industry. You will find Joe on any one of his fishing boats but rarely sitting down.


Brian Yarmosh

Brian started with Briarpatch in April of 1999 while in high school. He worked after school and summers with us while earning his BS in Biology with a minor in Marine and Environmental Science in 2003. Brian is now fleet and grounds manager and team leader in the hard clam program. Brian operates the American Dream and can be found running any vessel in the fleet as needed.

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priscilla wells

Priscilla started with Briarpatch in 1990. She has a BS in Accounting and Finance and while working full-time at Briarpatch, earned her MBA from the University of New Haven. Priscilla is an integral part of our team with a wide range of responsibilities from invoicing to payroll to any number of things involving the managing of a business. You’ll find her in her office Monday through Thursdays.

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